Ronnie Reno, the eldest son of the legendary Don Reno, carries a tradition and legacy like no other act in Bluegrass Music, the "Reno" name. Ronnie started playing Mandolin and singing with his father’s band at the age of ten. Ronnie would help to create the signature sound of Reno and Smiley by recording on many of their albums in the late 50’s and 60’s. History would acknowledge Don as the innovator of the three-finger roll on the five-string banjo. Ronnie, of course, had no idea that he would become part of musical history and truly a second generation bluegrass artist and innovator in his own right. Ronnie now looks back on that time as the solid foundation that has carried him throughout his career as a songwriter and performer.

After ten years with Reno and Smiley, Ronnie was drawn to yet another legendary group, The Osborne Brothers. It was the sound of the harmony they created together that inspired Ronnie to stay with the group for five years. While with The Osborne Brothers, Ronnie helped provide a vocal blend that was the cornerstone of the harmony for which they are now famous.

While The Osborne Brothers were touring as an opening act for Merle Haggard, Ronnie’s vocal talents came to Merle’s attention. Merle was so impressed with Ronnie’s vocals and the blend of their voices that he offered Ronnie a job as his opening act. It was so popular that Merle asked Ronnie to stay on stage during Merle’s set and harmonize with he and Bonnie Owens. This led to a nine-year relationship with the legendary Merle Haggard.

Ronnie’s roots were still in Bluegrass and that’s what he longed to do. In the family tradition Ronnie called upon his younger brothers, reluctantly said goodbye to his good friend Merle and formed The Reno Brothers Band. From twenty years of playing with some of the musical greats in both Bluegrass and Country music, Ronnie’s experience led him to create his own unique sound. That, he realized, is what creates legends in any musical genre. For the next fifteen years, Ronnie Reno and the Reno Brothers toured together and played most of the major Bluegrass Venues and Festivals in the country.

During this time Ronnie also created, produced, and starred in his own cable television show, Reno’s Old Time Music Festival. Ronnie’s talents and the success of the show were rewarded with a nomination for television’s prestigious Cable Ace Award for Best Musical Series.

Now, Ronnie has taken another step in his musical journey. With the formation of Ronnie Reno and The Reno Tradition, Ronnie steps up to share the tradition and legacy set forth by he and his father in the early days of Bluegrass. To accomplish this, Ronnie has selected some of the finest musicians in bluegrass music in Danny Roberts, Heath Van Winkle, Jackie Miller and Mike Scott. The show is that musical journey. It takes you through the musical life of Ronnie, Don Reno, The Reno Brothers, and the legends that Ronnie has had the privilege to play and record with over the years. You’ll hear the original songs written and recorded by Ronnie, his father, and the songs and sounds Ronnie helped create throughout his career. The show is a high-energy presentation with tight harmonies, driving instrumentals and a stage presence that only years of entertaining can bring. It’s a wholesome family show that will leave your audience on the edge of their seats and calling for more.

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